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Whether your law firm regularly focuses on medical negligence litigation or professional negligence litigation, or only occasionally takes on clients’ professional negligence matters, it is imperative to build solid, evidence-based cases. Uncovering relevant witnesses and evidence and creating effective trial strategies requires an organized, detail-based approach.

Litigation Services has been helping busy litigators and their teams since 1999. We provide the resources and support negligence litigators need, so they can devote their time to preparing to argue their clients’ cases. Whether your case involves professional negligence in nursing, physician negligence, accountant negligence, or any other type, Litigation Services is here to help.

Services Offered for Negligence Litigation

Negligence cases are often complex — requiring injured parties to prove that they were harmed, that the other party owed them a duty, and that they breached that duty — resulting in harm.

We offer an array of services to attorneys and other legal professionals involved in professional negligence claims, including the following:

  • Court Reporting:Our network of credentialed court reporters is well-versed in negligence court reporting. Accuracy matters in any type of legal matter, and negligence litigation is no exception. Our pre-screened court reporters are reliable and committed to ensuring high service standards are met or exceeded.
  • Interpreting and Translation:The precise meaning of words matters in negligence litigation. When you have a need to translate records or interpret witness’s statements from non-native English speakers, you must have a vetted, reliable translator or interpreter. However, it usually does not make sense for law firms to bring interpreters in-house. Litigation Services has a network of skilled, certified professionals who have a background in negligence litigation terms.
  • Depositions:We provide a variety of negligence deposition services for litigation attorneys, handling the details with ease. We offer fully equipped deposition suites in locations across the country, removing the stress of having to find a suitable location for depositions. We also provide video deposition services and live web streaming, making it easier for busy attorneys to collaborate and participate in off-site depositions.
  • Forensic Services:We offer a variety of forensic services for attorneys handling negligence matters. Our clients choose from a legal document management system with an online document repository; complex case management assistance with a dedicated case manager to help every step of the way; eDiscovery resources and tools with the data and analytics you need to support your case; a network of expert witnesses; and much more.

Providing Reliable Support for Negligence Cases

When you are faced with a negligence case stemming from an automobile accident, medical malpractice, defective products or any other negligence scenario, your clients depend on you to protect their rights. There is no room for error in your case preparation process. Fortunately, our seasoned legal professionals understand the importance of accuracy and organization in negligence litigation cases.

To learn more about how Litigation Services can support your negligence cases, contact us today.