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Expert Witness Services

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It can be a challenge to identify and select expert witnesses when preparing for a trial, but providing expert witness testimony is a critical step if you want to win your client’s case. However, not just any expert witness will do. Not only do you need someone who is competent, qualified and knowledgeable in his or her field; it’s also important that this person is able to communicate effectively, and has both credibility and composure in depositions and on the witness stand.

Litigation Services can help. We have identified and screened our network of certified examiners and subject matter experts in a variety of fields. These professionals are ready and willing to provide expert testimony, taking the frustration out of choosing expert witnesses for your clients’ cases.

Expert Witness Focus Areas

Whether you need an expert witness who can speak to medical malpractice, personal injury, construction or more, count on Litigation Services to meet that need with experts available to testify in understandable terms.

Experts from Litigation Services practice in the field they are testifying about. They’re not simply career expert witnesses. When you need expert witness services from a medical expert, this can be a critical point, as many states require experts to spend a certain percentage of their time actively practicing in their field of expertise.

At Litigation Services, our approach is multi-disciplined: Rather than just filling a need right away with an expert in a specific field, we will work with you to identify if other types of expert witness testimony could strengthen your client’s case.

Expert Testimony From Litigation Services

Feel confident during trial, knowing that our certified examiners and subject matter experts will provide you with articulate and professional expert testimony. Our examiners can explain things in a way that the judge and jury can easily understand.

We will help by coordinating consultations and communications with the experts in the fields you need, making your job easier. We understand that although an expert may be great in his or her field, this person may not be the right fit for you. We’ll put our years of experience, knowledge and our network to work for you, so you are comfortable and receive the best expert testimony possible.

Request an Expert From Our Expert Witness Directory

When you need an expert witness company, choose Litigation Services. We have been providing cost-effective, highly qualified expert witnesses and subject matter experts to law firms, insurance companies, corporations, governmental entities and more since 1999.

Headquartered in Nevada, Litigation Services provides unified services, including expert witness consulting services through a preferred provider network. This allows us to offer concierge-level services any time, no matter where you need us.

To learn more about how expert witness services from Litigation Services can provide the expertise and professionalism your case needs, contact us online today or 800.330.1112.