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Deposition Rooms

Convenient nationwide locations fully equipped with everything needed to make the deposition process as comfortable as possible.

Whether you need to take a deposition to prepare for trial or want to find a convenient location large enough to handle mediation or arbitration matters, having a professional, well-equipped space can set the stage for a successful outcome.

Litigation Services provides busy attorneys, law firms and corporate legal departments with conference rooms, mediation rooms and deposition suites at convenient locations nationwide. Our deposition conference rooms and suites include dedicated support personnel to ensure all needs are met.

If you require assistance customizing the configuration for your scheduled mediation rooms or need troubleshooting help to assure available technologies function as intended, count on Litigation Services’ support staff to provide prompt, friendly and capable support.

Deposition Conference Room Amenities

Signature Suites offer large multi-party mediation/arbitration rooms with flexibility to design the room for your proceeding. All of our full-service facilities offer:

  • Secure wireless internet so you can access client files and records quickly and remotely when needed.
  • Video services available from certified specialists and technicians, helping ensure depositions are captured completely and professionally.
  • Advanced deposition technologies, such as teleconferencing and video conferencing capabilities, which allow you to include participants who cannot physically attend the deposition or meeting.
  • Photocopiers, faxing capabilities, printers and computers available for use, so you have the same equipment and resources as your regular office.
  • Complimentary food and beverage service, to make your depositions and meetings as comfortable as possible.
  • Large mediation/arbitration rooms, including setup for 15+ attendees, with the flexibility to design the room for your proceeding.
  • Multiple client/attorney breakout rooms, enabling all parties to have the opportunity to meet privately with counsel, as necessary and appropriate.

We understand that, when you’re dealing with sensitive information, confidentiality and privacy are paramount. We are committed to the highest standards of data security and privacy that ensure HIPAA compliance in all operational environments, guaranteeing that your confidential documents are secure during the deposition.

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