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Legal Forensic Services

Litigation Services provides an array of forensic services to busy law firms and legal departments. Whether you are looking for assistance with document organization, retention, and storage, want to outsource certain tasks, or need to line up expert witness testimony, you’ll find it at Litigation Services.

Complex Case Management for Lawyers

Legal case management is, by nature, complex. Litigation Services offers law firm case management software designed to make staying on top of client intake and communications, calendars, workflow, discovery documents and reporting easier. In addition to the organization and storage benefits our software provides, we assign a knowledgeable case manager to each client, providing the support you need.

case management for lawyers


Depository Login

With 24/7 access (for authorized users) to your case records, discovery documents and other related information, you can be confident knowing you will be able to put your fingers on what you’re looking for — quickly.


Legal Document Services

Our document management system does more than simply store your documents: It can create efficiencies and increase productivity for your firm or corporate legal department by organizing documents, electronic communications, meeting notes and related information for each case in a convenient cloud-based platform.

legal outsourcing
Legal Outsourcing

Outsourcing tasks to experienced, skilled legal professionals can allow your firm to do more with the resources it has today. Litigation Services provides fast, reliable and convenient Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services custom-designed for each client’s needs. Whether you need help with case management, expert witnesses, assistance with deposition and trial preparation, or anything else, our legal professionals can help.

electronic discovery
Electronic Discovery

With a variety of cost-effective, customized on-site tools and services designed to make the discovery process faster, and more efficient and effective, Litigation Services helps law firms and legal departments nationwide. We provide more than just the raw data uncovered during eDiscovery, providing data and analytics to support your trial preparation efforts.

expert witness services
Expert Witness Services

Litigation Services has a network of prescreened, knowledgeable and credible certified examiners and subject matter experts available to provide expert witness testimony in a variety of fields. Our experts practice in the fields they testify about and can provide articulate, relevant testimony to support your case.


Internet Depository

Law firms and attorneys who choose Litigation Services can use our Internet depository to streamline and simplify case management and trial preparation. With access to your stored documents 24/7, you can relax knowing your documents are being securely maintained, and that they are accessible to you at a moment’s notice.

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Litigation Services offers a full range of forensic services designed to help busy attorneys and law firms. With a national footprint that includes a network of preferred providers, we are there where you need us — when you need us.

To learn more about the forensic services we offer, or to explore other ways Litigation Services can support you and your firm or legal department, contact us online or call 800.330.1112.

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