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Live Web Streaming For Depositions

Live Web streaming saves time and reduces costs while providing your legal team the ability to work together from multiple locations around the globe.

Live Web Streaming

Live deposition streaming allows you to control litigation costs without sacrificing the effectiveness of your deposition experience. In fact, live streaming depositions can enable you to increase their impact.

Benefits of Live Stream Depositions From Litigation Services

Attorneys and firms that choose to stream the deposition process online benefit in numerous ways, including the following:

  • Control costs by limiting or eliminating the need for you or your team to travel.
  • Convenient and efficient legal videoconferencing solution, allowing attorneys to take depositions around the globe or attend video conference court hearings without ever leaving the comfort of their offices.
  • Real-time text, video and audio streaming via the Internet is professional and effective.
  • Team members, clients and experts involved in the case can watch the depositions as they are occurring, allowing for instant feedback and advice.
  • Getting started with our web-based deposition streaming and videoconferencing services is fast and easy.
  • Time and resources saved can be put toward helping build and strengthen the case.

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At Litigation Services, we understand the stress that can come with depositions and other trial preparation activities. With a national footprint made of Signature Suites and a Preferred Provider Network, we are there when you need us — where you need us, in the U.S. or abroad — helping ease some of that stress.

We are equipped to handle all your firm or legal department’s needs — including live web deposition streaming, court reporters, eDiscovery, complex case management and more.

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