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Legal Translation Services

Non-English-speaking clients or deponents can present a challenging situation for attorneys and law firms during litigation. These circumstances require professional legal interpreters and translators who not only know and understand the language, but who are trained in the unique language of the legal environment.

Certified Translators for Any Language

Interpreting and Translation

Whether you are deposing a witness for whom English is a second language or need to interpret legal documents written in another language, it’s important to have reliable legal translation and interpretation services available when you need them. As with any legal proceeding, the meaning of written or spoken words matters, and can impact the results of litigation. Regardless of whether words are written or spoken in English or in another language, the parties to the case need to understand them.

For most law firms, it isn’t cost effective to keep legal interpreters and translators on staff, however situations will arise where you need legal interpreter services. Having a certified translator or court interpreter available, such as the services provided by Litigation Services, can help your case in a number of ways: First, witnesses who aren’t fluent in English will appreciate knowing they are being heard and understood. You can also be confident that all types of document translations are accurate, including medical and insurance document translations. Finally, choosing a legal translation agency that understands the law can help with efficiency and expense.

Professional Legal Translation Services for Law Firms

At Litigation Services, we are confident in our ability to provide accurate legal and court interpreter services for:

• Depositions
• Trials
• Hearings
• Meetings
• Arbitrations
• Conference calls
• Medical examinations
• Insurance statements

We offer professional translation and legal interpretation services provided by experienced, knowledgeable interpreters. Each certified translator from Litigation Services has been carefully vetted and has in-depth technical and legal experience, language proficiency and expertise. No matter what language your clients speak, our state and federal court interpreters are adept, experienced and professional.

Choose Litigation Services To Provide Legal Interpreters

Find out for yourself why law firms and attorneys across the country enjoy the peace of mind that comes from relying on the certified legal translation services provided by Litigation Services. As a legal translation agency, we offer court-certified translators in almost any language, including Spanish.

We provide high-quality translation services and quick turnaround time. In addition to having a reliable working knowledge of languages, our certified professionals understand the cultural sensitivities, vernacular speech differences, and cultural euphemisms that can be problematic if misunderstood or misinterpreted.

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