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Electronic Discovery Services

electronic discovery

At Litigation Services, we understand the importance of having reliable, user-friendly legal discovery services that will streamline the acquisition, processing and production of electronically stored information (ESI), documents and records. As an experienced eDiscovery company, we know that when you have reliable and powerful electronic discovery services and tools at your disposal, your efforts will be more efficient and effective.

eDiscovery Tools, Services and Resources at Your Disposal

Our cost-effective, customized on-site ESI tools and legal eDiscovery services are designed to streamline the eDiscovery process — from start to finish.

Available advanced eDiscovery tools and services include:

Forensic Acquisitions

Our forensic acquisition tools — available for desktops, laptops and servers in Windows, Mac and Linux environments — are designed to help you gather ESI with confidence.

When you utilize eDiscovery resources from Litigation Services, you’ll also have access to our computer examiners who are active members of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), and are CCE and EnCE certified.

ESI Analysis

Some eDiscovery providers help you acquire data, but their services stop there. At Litigation Services, we know eDiscovery is about much more than simply capturing data. Our eDiscovery analytics save both time and money by reducing the amount of data your team needs to review.

Our electronic discovery service technology also allows us to recover lost, deleted and damaged files, uncovering potentially powerful evidence.

Our eDiscovery technology also allows us to recover lost, deleted and damaged files, uncovering potentially powerful evidence.

The data we uncover is then returned to you in a format that you can easily import into your local evidence management system.

ESI Production

Once you have received the data culled to your requirements, you need to be able to work with it. Litigation Services can produce your ESI data in a variety of formats, including IPRO, Summation®, Concordance® and RingTail®; as well as many other formats, including searchable PDF and TIFF files. Detailed file information, including searchable text and metadata, is also produced. Empower your review with the best technology available.

And more

Litigation Services also offers eDiscovery-managed services to law firms across the country, including expert witness servicescomplex case managementdeposition support and more. Together, our breadth and depth of solutions have helped to make our eDiscovery resources one of the most successful eDiscovery platforms.


Find Electronic Discovery Services at Litigation Services

Law firms nationwide rely on and recognize Litigation Services as a superior eDiscovery company. The value provided to law firms goes beyond the raw ESI data itself. Our eDiscovery tools and resources include supportive, relevant data and analytics, helping you stay organized during trial preparation. This can increase efficiency, so lawyers aren’t wasting time sorting through irrelevant records and files.

Litigation Services understands eDiscovery law, and has forensic experts ready to testify about the processes and systems used in data acquisition. Our experts will use understandable terms, adding legitimacy to the data in court.

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You have a choice of eDiscovery service providers; you owe it to your clients and to your firm to choose a provider that offers solutions designed to streamline your efforts.

To learn more about why Litigation Services stands apart from other eDiscovery companies, and why clients nationwide depend on us for their eDiscovery needs contact us today.

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