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What Are Trial Presentation Services?

Your carefully crafted strategies and arguments are the foundation for your clients’ legal cases. However, the way that information is ultimately presented to the judge and jury can impact the outcome of your client’s case. “Trial presentation” refers to all of the graphics, exhibits, videos, depositions and other material you intend to use during a legal proceeding. Of course, presenting materials in courtroom proceedings is nothing new. However, using trial presentation technology can make the process easier for attorneys and their trial teams, reducing stress levels and creating a more polished presentation.

Why Leverage Outsourced Resources for Presentations?

Most litigation attorneys would probably agree that their strengths lie in crafting legal arguments and advocating on behalf of clients, rather than in creating eye-catching graphics or handling the mundane aspects of formatting exhibits or editing video for use in court.

Outsourcing presentation services can benefit attorneys and corporate legal departments in several key ways.

Strategic Guidance

Your presentation support technician does more than put together the audiovisual aids you intend to use in court. As a valuable member of your trial prep team, your technician will work closely with you to understand the case so they can help you organize evidence and other information. The presentation technician’s goal is to help you use presentation tools effectively to tell your client’s story in a way that makes the most sense, based on your legal case strategy.

Your technician will also be there with you in the courtroom, ready to make adjustments as needed to help you effectively respond to opposing counsel’s arguments and assertions.

On-Site Tech Support

You and your team likely put considerable time and effort into your client’s case. A professional presentation compiled for your use at trial should showcase that effort, underlining the strength and merits of your position. Outsourcing the presentation preparation means you can be confident that the materials ultimately displayed will be polished and professional, and that they are designed to help get your message across.

When you outsource these services, you can relax knowing that a skilled technician will be in the courtroom with you, ready to help you put your best foot forward — and able to troubleshoot technology issues, should they arise.

Dynamic, Polished Exhibits

What the judge and jury see, and when they see it, can make a difference in the outcome of your case at trial. By choosing to outsource the preparation of trial exhibits and other presentation materials, you can be confident in the quality of the design and imagery you will display in the courtroom.

Outsourced legal presentation preparation services provide sophisticated charts, graphs, photographs, timelines, maps, illustrations, videos, 2D and 3D animations, trial boards and more, all created to leverage the work you put into the case. Your presentations will help you tell a clear, compelling story based on the underlying facts and circumstances.

Trust Litigation Services for Powerful Courtroom Presentation Tools and Support

At Litigation Services, we work with attorneys and law firms nationwide, providing a range of cost-effective legal support resources and case preparation services. Our courtroom presentation technicians are experienced and adept at creating powerful, professional trial exhibits, multimedia presentations and other visual aids designed to positively impact judges and juries. We use some of the most advanced technology tools available for this type of presentation but customize the output for each client’s needs and goals.

When you choose Litigation Services, you will have access to a team of highly trained consultants who are ready to share their expertise to help your legal exhibits and other courtroom presentation materials achieve the desired impact. Contact us to learn more or to schedule service today!