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Why You Need An Online Document Management System

Document management is important in any business, but it is especially important for law firms handling large volumes of highly confidential information every day. Managing legal files and records in the digital age can be complex in this document-driven industry. However, both large and small legal practices need efficient processes for maintaining and safeguarding files while simultaneously making those records accessible to authorized personnel. Implementing an online document management system (DMS) addresses these challenges and creates benefits and opportunities for firms of all sizes in any practice area.

5 Reasons to Invest in an Online Document Management System

Online document management solutions provide firms with the means to create, edit, classify, securely store and access digital records. Adopting a document management system creates efficiencies, can enhance productivity, helps secure records, allows law firms to control access to files and facilitates increased collaboration — all of which can drive profitability and lead to an improved client experience.

1. Efficiency

Document management tools offer customizable and easily editable template libraries, cutting down on the time users spend creating and editing files. In addition, systems designed for legal document management allow firms to classify and organize records intuitively. This, in turn, can significantly decrease time spent searching for and retrieving files. Additional efficiencies come from seamless integration with organizations’ IT systems, eliminating or significantly reducing instances of siloed files and locally stored documents, which can lead to inefficiencies and create risk.

2. Productivity 

When firms adopt solutions designed to help them manage legal documents and other firm records, productivity can soar. Rather than attaching documents to email messages and having multiple people take turns accessing and editing files, an online DMS allows for simultaneous access and real-time updates to documents.

3. Security

Relying on paper records, or locally stored electronic records, creates risk for firms. Server outages, natural disasters such as floods or fires and human error could mean documents are lost or damaged — potentially crippling the firm’s ability to serve its clients. An online document management system can ensure records will be available when your firm needs them while meeting HIPAA compliance requirements and protecting records from unforeseen catastrophes.

4. Access/Permissions

Online document management systems also make it simple for law firm administrators to provide (or eliminate) access to files and records. If a lawyer leaves the firm, access can be turned off immediately. Similarly, if a new associate will be assisting on a case, permissions can be granted in a matter of minutes. Firms can also monitor who has access to records.

5. Collaboration

Adopting an online document management system means authorized users can access records 24/7 from nearly anywhere in the world. This allows for increased collaboration, allowing the lead attorney on a matter to share records with and solicit feedback from outside counsel or expert witnesses. Firms with robust document management solutions can collaborate effectively without the hassle of sending paper records back and forth or attaching files to email messages and waiting to receive edited files in return.

Litigation Services Is a Trusted Provider of Document Management Solutions

When evaluating document management system providers, look for a partner who offers ease of access and security, along with powerful search capabilities and integrated online calendar functionality.

Litigation Services serves law firms across the country, providing a range of dynamic litigation resources, including document management solutions. Our clients have access to all of the benefits described above and more with an online document repository designed to make case management and collaboration both efficient and cost effective. Contact us today to schedule service and learn more about our document management tools and other legal support solutions.