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Legal Document Management Services

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At Litigation Services, we understand that the strength of legal case documents goes far beyond what is printed on the page. We specialize in electronic document management, adding the value of today’s technologies to the process of organizing and reviewing documents. Spend less time managing your legal documents and more time preparing your case.


Online Legal Document Management Services for Law Firms

Every law firm has documents to manage. These can include forms, letters, emails, pleadings, discovery materials and more. Your law firm document management system simply refers to the way your firm records, organizes, stores, safeguards and retrieves these types of legal documents.

Why Use an Electronic Document Management System?

Legal document management goes beyond the need to simply store documents — you’re already doing that on your computer’s hard drive, your firm’s shared network drive and in paper files.

An electronic document management solution allows firms to do much more, helping increase the productivity and efficiency of attorneys and staff.

When you choose an electronic legal document management system designed for lawyers and law firms, you can find everything related to a certain case or client in one spot — no more combing through emails and the complicated file network on your PC. In addition to storing the emails and electronic legal documents related to that case, you can also track meeting notes.

In short, implementing an electronic legal files document management system will help keep everything together, and make that information easily accessible by those authorized in your firm to access the records.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Legal Document Management System

Switching to an electronic, cloud-based legal document repository brings with it the convenience of allowing team members to access records and legal documents online, remotely, at any time of the day or night.

While you could choose a law firm document management system that’s physically housed at your firm, many firms find that cloud storage is a more economical alternative. You’ll also save the firm money by requiring less storage space for paper records, while printing and reproduction costs will go down — and personnel spending hours chasing down paper records will be a thing of the past.

Choose Document Management from Litigation Services

At Litigation Services, we use the most powerful law firm document management solutions available, including providing embedded image review tools with our final work product. Some of the features of our services include:

  • Centralized repository — Keep track of records by case or client.
  • Imaging and image conversion tools — Scan and store documents for easy access later.
  • OCR and OWR — Convert different types of documents for ease of working with them.
  • Manual and auto-coding— Use a recordkeeping system that works best for your firm.
  • Database creation and indexing — Find documents when you need them — quickly.

Our electronic document management solution also includes controls for users, so you can tell when someone is working on a document. Workflows allow for deadlines in the system, and there’s an audit trail so you can easily identify when documents were changed, added or deleted, and by whom.

Contact Litigation Services to Learn More

At Litigation Services, we’re proud to offer a robust electronic document management system for law firms of all sizes. Contact us online, or call us at 1-800-330-1112 today to learn more about how legal document management services can help make your firm more efficient and effective.

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