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Litigation Support Services In Utah

When preparing for litigation, there is no room for error. Litigation Services provides a variety of services and resources for law firms and corporate legal departments preparing for litigation — offering professional litigation support services in Utah designed to help legal counsel focus on trial strategy. From court reporting to complex case management, we are prepared to handle all of the details. We also provide Utah mediation services support, helping legal professionals with behind-the-scenes aspects of alternative dispute resolution.

Services for Utah-Based Firms and Attorneys

Litigation Services provides assistance in locations across Utah, as well as offering online resources and support. Some of the ways we help law firms and attorneys with Utah litigation and mediation include:

Forensic Services

Our Utah forensic services include law firm case management software designed to handle the complexities of litigation — including client intake and communications, calendars, reporting and more. With discovery documents available 24/7, you’ll have access to important records whenever you need them.

Litigation Services’ cloud-based document management and electronic discovery services are designed to create efficiencies and improve productivity during trial preparation.

We also provide outsourced legal solutions and expert witness services to Utah law firms and attorneys, providing you with the support your case needs and deserves.

Deposition and Trial Services

Utah attorneys facing upcoming or current litigation can also rely on Litigation Services’ full suite of deposition services — including deposition summaries as well as support for both traditional face-to-face depositions as well as video deposition services.

Our court reporting services consistently provide accurate, professional transcripts and reports. We are also proud to offer live web-streaming services — providing real-time participation and engagement in a cost-effective, reliable manner.

If you need a Utah court interpreter, we have a network of interpreters and translation professionals across the state who have demonstrated proficiency in foreign languages, providing you with legal interpreter services you can depend on as you prepare for litigation.

Scheduling your depositions in Utah is easy with Litigation Services’ public calendars and fully equipped deposition suites conveniently located right where you need them.

Corporate Solutions

Finally, Litigation Services also offers a full range of customized corporate solutions designed to give you the support services you need, with actionable metrics delivered in real time.

Litigation Services Stands Apart From the Competition

If you need litigation support services in Utah, look no further than Litigation Services. We have been providing document management and processing, court reporting, trial services, case management and more to Utah law firms and attorneys since 1999. Whether you need a Utah court interpreter, case management support or expert witness services, rely on Litigation Services.

We are passionate about providing the professional support services, technology tools and resources busy firms require when they need it most.

Firms located in or litigating cases in Utah can feel confident about choosing Litigation Services, knowing they have the support of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals behind them.

To learn more, contact us online today, or call 800.330.1112.