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Remote Depositions

Today, thanks to rapid advances in technological capabilities, attorneys no longer need to travel across their states, across the country or to other countries to depose witnesses. Instead, attorneys can conduct remote depositions — saving time, money, and avoiding the headaches and stress that come with traveling.

Litigation Services provides cost-effective, high-quality remote depositions to attorneys and law firms across the country. We make it easy to conduct depositions when one or more of the participants cannot physically be in the same location at the same time.

Remote Deposition Capabilities Designed for You

Deposition needs can differ from one case to the next, or even from one deposition in the same case to the next. Firms that partner with Litigation Services benefit from working with certified legal video specialists who work with attorneys to produce impactful testimony — captured professionally and with the integrity that the rules of civil procedure demand.

Live Video Streaming

With live remote video depositions, attorneys, witnesses and other participants can connect to secure, reliable video conferencing software from their computers or mobile devices, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Benefits include:

  • Legal document sharing: Attorneys can pull up electronic exhibits and share their screens with co-counsel and witnesses.
  • Immediate collaboration: Using secure chat functionality, attorneys can instantly obtain feedback and collaborate with co-counsel and others.
  • Multiparty access: Multiparty functionality allows attorneys to include clients, subject matter experts, expert witnesses and co-counsel in the remote video deposition.

Recorded Video Depositions

Using recorded video depositions, attorneys can capture witnesses’ responses and opposing counsel’s reactions, including facial expressions and gestures. Recorded depositions can be more impactful than simply written transcripts of deposition testimony. Other benefits include:

  • Digital transcripts: Attorneys using Litigation Services’ live streaming transcript recorder solution receive digital transcripts of video depositions.
  • Secure electronic storage: Synchronized transcripts and recorded video proceedings are stored in a centralized, electronic document repository, available 24/7 for attorney access.

Dependable Service for Deposing Parties or Witnesses Remotely

Remote depositions are not always the best way to depose witnesses. In some cases, it still makes sense to meet witnesses in person for the deposition process, even if that involves travel. For example, deposing key witnesses in person may give the attorney taking the deposition a better opportunity to “read” the witness and his or her responses to questions.

In many other situations, though, conducting remote video depositions is a cost-effective, reliable alternative. In addition to saving attorneys valuable time, boosting productivity and keeping clients’ costs in check, remote depositions can allow attorneys to capture testimony for witnesses who live in high-risk areas of the world where travel is not advised. With embedded legal document sharing capabilities and accurate, complete transcripts, remote depositions are often the clear choice.

Choose Litigation Services for Your Remote Deposition Needs

Litigation Services is dedicated to providing superior legal support services, including remote deposition services, to attorneys and law firms across the country. We hold ourselves and our legal support professionals to the highest ethical standards — and ensure our clients’ confidentiality and privacy are protected.

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