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Deposition Summaries

Deposition Summaries

Litigation Services provides concise, accurate and reliable summaries of deposition transcripts designed to give busy attorneys and law firms an edge. By distilling complex deposition testimony into an easy-to-use format, outsourced deposition summaries can save firms time and money during litigation.

Why Outsource to a Professional Deposition Summarizer

Testimony gathered during depositions can provide invaluable information you can use when representing your client’s interests. However, wading through pages of complex testimony can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

When you use deposition summaries prepared by a reputable deposition summary company, you will have a digest of the main points from each deposition. This can help you better manage your time as you build your case.

Rather than using a paralegal or legal assistant at your firm who doesn’t know how to do a deposition summary, choosing to work with a firm that provides professionally prepared deposition summaries can provide you with reliable summaries. Deposition digest documents are delivered in a format you prefer, all while enhancing productivity and creating cost-efficiencies.

Because fewer insurance companies reimburse law firms at the firm’s hourly rates for preparing summaries, choosing professional deposition summary services can also be a more cost-effective solution than using internal resources.

Deposition Summary Services

Litigation Services’ deposition summary services are provided by skilled, trained professionals. Each deposition summarizer understands and has experience in the areas of law that your legal matters cover.

When a client provides deposition testimony, the deposition summary team acts quickly to review and distill the key points into a summary deposition digest document. Those summaries are then proofread and checked for quality and consistency.

Time is of the essence in litigation matters, so our professionals work quickly to provide deposition summaries in your preferred format. Finally, you can be confident that client and firm confidentiality will be strictly maintained at all times.

Why Choose Litigation Services for Deposition Summary Services?

At Litigation Services, we understand the challenges that come with any type of litigation. We offer a full range of deposition services, including deposition transcripts and deposition summary services.

Founded in 1999, Litigation Services is more than a deposition summary company. We serve law firms, attorneys and corporate legal departments nationwide, providing dependable, cost-efficient services designed to give attorneys the tools and time they need to focus on representing their clients rather than becoming bogged down in administrative processes.

Friendly, Reliable Professional Services

Utilizing deposition summaries for event-driven litigation such as personal injury matters, workers’ compensation disputes, social security cases or commercial disputes can provide the information your firm needs quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

To learn more about the services Litigation Services provides and to review a deposition summary example or deposition digest example, contact us online today or call 800.330.1112.