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Commercial Litigation

outsourcing commercial litigation services

Litigation regarding business disputes — whether it involves a breach of contract claim, a shareholder issue, a business tort, a class-action matter or any other claim — can be complex and time consuming.

Litigation Services offers forensic services, deposition and trial services, and custom corporate legal services, so you can focus on achieving the results you want while keeping costs in check.

Business Dispute Litigation Involves Many Moving Parts

Discovery, case preparation and case management for a commercial legal matter can be nuanced, complex and voluminous.

Business litigation may involve private arbitration, administrative proceedings, government agencies, federal claims or matters litigated in multiple state courts. As a commercial litigator, you need to not only focus on preparing your client’s case; you need to understand the venue and parties.

Why Consider Outsourcing Commercial Litigation Services?

Outsourcing litigation services can help law firms and corporate legal departments by easing the burden that comes with preparing for and litigating complex business matters.

Rather than having to source, screen and hire additional full-time associate attorneys or paralegals, outsourcing gives you cost-effective access to skilled legal professionals who are ready to assist when you need them. This gives you the flexibility and time to focus on what you do best without stressing about case preparation and management.

Why Choose Litigation Services for Your Litigation Needs?

Law firms and legal departments across the country depend on Litigation Services for their needs related to so-called bet the company litigation because of our commitment to providing superior legal services, advanced technologies and highly skilled personnel when you need them.

Litigation Services offers tailored support, customized to fit your needs and your budget. With a national footprint, we are prepared to step in wherever, and whenever, you need our support. We assist individual attorneys, law firms and in-house counsel by providing:

  • Forensic services: Our forensic services include helping attorneys manage complex case details, discovery and document management; and helping source screened, certified and credible expert witnesses to support your case.
  • Deposition and trial services: When it comes to preparing for trial, rely on Litigation Services for everything from court reporting, transcription, traditional and video deposition services, and more, designed to give you the edge you need.
  • Corporate services: We also offer customized, cost-effective corporate legal services that include real-time performance metrics and business intelligence tools.

Commercial dispute resolution is often challenging and complex; when you have Litigation Services in your corner, you can put your best foot forward knowing you have skilled support behind you — every step of the way.

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Whether you are a busy business litigator looking for cost-effective solutions to help with your case load, or have an occasional need for commercial litigation support, you can count on the same, high-quality, convenient and professional services from Litigation Services.

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