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Business Intelligence For Law Firms: LIT Dashboard

Gain new insights into your legal spend and trends. LIT Dashboard provides unique real-time business intelligence for law firms.

legal business intelligence dashboard

If your firm or corporate legal department isn’t mindful of its litigation spending, those costs can easily spiral out of control. The LIT Dashboard is law firm business intelligence software that provides transparent real-time presentation of key legal industry business metrics, allowing you to stay on top of your legal spend, and see trends over time.

Law Firm BI Benefits That Go Beyond Reporting

When you take advantage of the LIT Dashboard, you’re getting more than a simple report of litigation expenses. This legal business intelligence solution allows you to:

  • Interact and select what’s most important to you
  • Monitor costs related to specific cases by reviewing a quick “snapshot,” or drill down to see details for individual claims
  • Review trends over time
  • Easily research your data
  • Full mobile functionality for data insight on the go

Learn How Legal Business Intelligence Tools Can Help Your Firm or Organization

At Litigation Services, our business intelligence tools for law firms are designed to help busy firms and corporate legal departments worldwide easily see and analyze key metrics.

With a footprint of Signature Suites and a Preferred Provider Network covering the United States, Litigation Services is poised to provide both local and online support. In addition to providing big data for law firms, including the LIT Dashboard for legal spend, we offer a wide array of forensic services, litigation, and trial services and custom corporate solutions for clients around the globe.

To learn more about how your firm can benefit from using the LIT Dashboard for legal business intelligence and trends, and to start putting your data to work for you, contact Litigation Services online or by calling 800-300-1112.

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