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Product Liability Litigation

If your law practice handles product liability litigation claims, either as plaintiff’s or defendant’s counsel, you probably know how involved this type of case can be. The essence of a product liability claim is that the product contained a defect when it left the hands of the manufacturer and that the defect caused the plaintiff to suffer a personal injury. Proving that your client was harmed due to a product manufacturer’s or seller’s negligence or breach of warranty, or proving strict liability, can be a monumental undertaking. Similarly, if you are tasked with representing a client accused of product liability, asserting defenses to product liability claims usually requires a solid, evidence-based case.

At Litigation Services, we understand the challenges product liability litigation attorneys face. Since 1999, we have provided support for liability litigation attorneys in numerous ways, handling details and behind-the-scenes work to help busy law firms and attorneys shine.

Product Liability Litigation Support Services

Whether you need help finding a location to depose a witness, require a reliable translator, or could use some assistance managing and organizing case records and documents for a product liability claim or defense matter, Litigation Services can help:

      • Forensic Services:Forensic services in the context of litigation support cover everything from legal process outsourcing to eDiscovery tools. Litigation Services offers these resources — in addition to providing a nationwide network of pre-screened, credentialed and credible expert witnesses who are prepared to testify in support of your client’s case.
      • Deposition Services:If you need a location across town or across the country to take depositions, Litigation Services provides well-equipped, comfortable deposition suites, complete with the latest technologies and amenities including complimentary food and beverages. We also provide video deposition services as well as live-streaming capabilities. It is easier than ever to include colleagues or others who cannot be physically present on the day of the depositions.
      • Interpretation and Translation:As our nation becomes more diverse and the global economy continues to grow, the need for reliable translation and interpretation services is in high demand. Litigation Services has a network of certified translators prepared to provide accurate translations and interpretations for any language.
      • Court Reporting:As a Top 5 National Court Reporting Firm, Litigation Services also offers an array of court reporting services nationwide. These are provided by certified court reporters with knowledge and understanding of product liability case terminology and concepts. With real-time reporting capability, there’s no need for lengthy delays in obtaining transcripts after proceedings.
      • Case Management Services:It is generally not possible to successfully prove or defend a product liability claim without evidence demonstrating that your client was harmed (or that your client was not responsible, if you serve as counsel for the defendant). Litigation Services provides management support for complex cases. With a dedicated case manager and access to our case management software and tools, you will have the resources needed to build your case.

Providing the Product Liability Litigation Services Your Clients’ Cases Deserve

When your firm takes on a product liability litigation matter, having the right support behind you can provide the edge you need. Whether you are building a case against a product manufacturer, seller or distributor; or need to establish and prove product liability defenses for your clients, the details matter. Litigation Services offers a cost-effective solution designed to help with those details and support your liability litigation cases.

To learn more about how our services can support your firm’s product liability litigation practice and to get started, contact us today.