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Multidistrict Litigation

Being involved in litigation that spans multiple jurisdictions can add a layer of complexity to any legal issue. At Litigation Services, we have been helping busy attorneys and law firms handle case details and manage multidistrict legal matters since 1999. Our dedicated, knowledgeable legal support professionals understand the unique challenges multidistrict litigation can bring and are prepared to help manage your caseloads, handle discovery and case records, organize information, manage depositions, and much more.

Multidistrict Litigation Support Services We Offer

Whether your case involves a neighboring state or a state on the other side the country, managing the details of a litigation matter is no easy feat. Litigation Services is proud to provide busy law firms and corporate legal departments the following types of MDL litigation support:

  • Complex case management. With Litigation Services’ case management software, keeping track of various elements of your multidistrict cases has never been easier. Use our complex case management tools to manage client communications, workflows, discovery documents, intake records and much more. Litigation Services’ clients also benefit from their assigned, dedicated case managers, who can provide added guidance and support.
  • Depositions. When you need to take depositions in disparate locations, having additional support in your corner helps. Litigation Services provides several services for attorneys handling multidistrict litigation, including well-equipped deposition suites in locations across the country so you don’t need to worry about securing space on your own. We also provide accurate transcriptions, translation and interpretation services, video deposition capabilities, and more.
  • Document services. Litigation Services provides document management solutions designed to help you and your team stay on top of your MDL litigation records. Our document management tool will help you organize electronic copies of your multidistrict case records including meeting notes, correspondence and other case documents, so you can be confident your records are stored conveniently and securely. You and your team will have access to case files and records 24/7 online, making it easier than ever to prepare for trial.
  • Legal outsourcing. Don’t have time to handle all of your multidistrict litigation case needs? Litigation Services has you covered. Our skilled, trained legal professionals can help with case research, document review, assistance with trial preparation, and more. Our legal process outsourcing (LPO) solutions can free your time to focus on creating winning case strategies for your clients.
  • Electronic discovery. Conducting discovery with the help of Litigation Services is fast and easy. We have customizable tools and resources designed to help make the electronic discovery process smoother. We go beyond merely facilitating the discovery process by also providing analytics that can help you with case preparation.
  • Expert witnesses. Need help locating a credentialed, reputable and credible expert witness? Litigation Services has a network of vetted professionals in a variety of fields across the country. Whether you need a medical professional or a certified examiner in another industry, we can help you locate expert witnesses for your multidistrict litigation cases.

Handling MDL Multidistrict Litigation? Litigation Services Can Help

If your law firm or corporate legal department is involved in a case that spans multiple jurisdictions, it is important to have trusted support as you navigate the complexities of your case. To learn more about the multidistrict litigation consulting services we provide across the country, contact Litigation Services today online or call us at 800.330.1112.