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International Depositions

As businesses continue to expand their reach internationally, it is inevitable that global legal disputes will continue to increase in number. If your law firm or corporate legal department conducts international litigation and arbitration and needs to depose witnesses halfway around the world, having a trusted partner to help with those international depositions and related activities can be invaluable.

Litigation Services provides international litigation services both domestically and internationally, handling the details so you can focus your time and attention on case strategy.

Global Deposition Services Offered

Litigation Services’ international deposition services include the following:

  • Court reporting. We can help by providing reliable, efficient, professional court reporters to ensure testimony is captured accurately. This can eliminate concerns about potentially inaccurate or incomplete records of international depositions and proceedings.
  • Interpreting and translation. When conducting depositions and dealing with witnesses and others in international locations, interpreting and translation services are key. Litigation Services is proud to provide a network of professional interpreters and translators who have demonstrated proficiency in the languages and services they offer.
  • Video deposition services. Video deposition services for both domestic and international depositions can be more effective than written records. Litigation Services’ video deposition services include online access to video recordings, digital transcripts, round-the-clock customer support, and more.
  • Live web streaming. If you need to depose one or more witnesses in another country, it may be cost-prohibitive to travel with other legal support personnel or co-counsel. With Litigation Services’ live web streaming capabilities, other key players don’t need to be on-site in order to view and participate in real time.
  • Online repository. Litigation Services also offers an online document repository, available to authorized and credentialed users 24/7, from any Internet connection. This means you and your staff will have secure, HIPAA-compliant access to case documents, transcripts, and other key records at all times, whether you need to review and collaborate on a document in the office or remotely from another country.
  • Transcription. After conducting a global deposition, you need to preserve an accurately transcribed record. As part of our service offerings for domestic and international depositions, Litigation Services provides professional transcribers who can quickly and accurately turn audio records, video files, tapes and other recordings into text.

Choose Litigation Services for International Deposition Services

Whether you need assistance with a domestic or international deposition, Litigation Services is here for you. We have helped law firms and corporate legal departments prepare for litigation and manage caseloads since 1999. You can rely on our experience and resources to help make your next global deposition experience a smooth one.

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