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Intellectual Property Litigation

Attorneys handling intellectual property litigation, including trademark and patent infringement claims, sometimes struggle with managing what can be extremely complex cases. Proving the elements of an infringement case or defending a client against an intellectual property violation claim requires an organized and diligent approach.

Litigation Services has decades of experience working with attorneys and law firms across the country. We provide a variety of trademark case support, patent litigation services and support services for other intellectual property infringement matters.

Services We Offer for Intellectual Property/Patent Cases

Whether you need help with depositions, a repository for case documents, or an expert witness to help prove the elements of your intellectual property litigation case, Litigation Services can help:

  • Forensic Services:When you choose to work with us, you have access to a variety of forensic service tools. We offer cost-effective electronic discovery tools, a secure and convenient Internet depository, calendar and workflow tools, and more — designed to help make the patent litigation support and IP litigation experience a smoother one.
  • Legal Document Services:IP attorneys and firms that choose our legal document services have access to a cloud-based solution that can improve firm productivity and efficiency. With IP litigation case documents and records available to authorized users 24/7 from any Internet connection, attorneys and their teams will be prepared to access the information they need to serve trademark and patent infringement clients more effectively.
  • Deposition and Trial Services:Litigation Services also makes the patent deposition process easier. Our patent litigation services include reliable, skilled, local court reporters; live web streaming of depositions; fully equipped deposition suites in major cities across the country; interpretation and translation services; accurate and complete transcription services; and much more.
  • Complex Case Management:Whether proving or defending against trademark or patent infringement claims, IP attorneys need effective methods of managing case details. Our complex case management tools are designed to do just that for intellectual property litigation — capturing client intake information, contact information, calendars, case communications, discovery documents, workflows and tasks, statutes, and more — in one place. This multi-user solution is fully customizable, giving firms the ability to use the case management software in a way that makes the most sense for intellectual property attorneys and staff.
  • Expert Witness Services:Patent infringement litigation sometimes turns on the ability of the judge or jury to understand the plaintiff’s patent and how the defendant allegedly infringed on the patent-holder’s rights. Litigation Services has a network of credentialed, credible expert witnesses who can help attorneys establish or defend against intellectual property infringement claims.

How Litigation Services Can Help With Intellectual Property Litigation

We have been providing trademark and patent litigation services to busy attorneys, law firms and corporate legal departments since 1999. Our skilled, dedicated intellectual property litigation support professionals can handle as much, or as little, of your case as you need — freeing valuable time for you to focus on strategy.

No matter which service offerings you choose, you can count on our unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional client experience. To learn more about patent litigation support and to explore all of our IP litigation support services, contact us today.