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Environmental Law

If your law firm handles environmental public interest litigation or is otherwise involved in environmental law cases, rely on Litigation Services. We work with law firms and legal professionals across the country. Our goal is to assemble and present cases designed to support their clients to achieve the best possible outcomes in their litigation matters.

Our legal professionals understand how to interpret environmental regulations and to help attorneys compile evidence in a variety of environmental law cases. These include noncompliance, alleged contamination events, environmental liability claims and more.

Environmental Litigation Support Services

At Litigation Services, we view our role as a supporting partner for attorneys and law firms, providing the technical know-how and detail-oriented focus attorneys need but don’t always have access to in-house.

We offer an array of services, including the following:

  • Complex Case Management: From organizing environmental statutes and case law to managing calendars, contact information, expenses and more, we can help. Attorneys and law firms choosing this service have access to law firm case management software designed to assist with everything from discovery to final case reporting.
  • Document Services: With our cloud-based electronic document management platform, environmental litigation attorneys can rest easy knowing case records are indexed and organized for simple retrieval, maintained securely but accessible by authorized users 24/7. Track discovery documents, case filings, statutes, case notes, communications and much more in a centralized place.
  • Electronic Discovery: Litigation Services can help your firm manage the entire discovery process. Our advanced tools also provide insight and analysis you may not have been able to glean otherwise. You can organize the complexities of eDiscovery for your environmental law cases.
  • Expert Witness Services: If you need an environmental expert witness to testify in your case, we’re your source. We have a network of pre-screened medical professionals and other expert witnesses who are prepared to share their expertise and strengthen your case.
  • Court Reporting: We also have a network of certified court reporters nationwide who understand the importance of accuracy and privacy in environmental litigation cases. When you choose our professional court reporters, you can be confident the record of your depositions and other proceedings will be captured efficiently and correctly.
  • Interpretation and Translation Services: Sometimes, environmental law cases involve witnesses whose primary language is something other than English, or documents written in a foreign language. Our team provides interpretation and translation services on which you can rely — no matter the language.
  • Deposition Suites: Finding a location to take depositions or hold case-related meetings can be challenging, particularly when you are in another city. Litigation Services provides well-appointed deposition suites in cities across the country, offering the latest in technology and hospitality.
  • Live Web Streaming: With live web streaming capabilities for your depositions and other proceedings, you can easily collaborate with colleagues or other parties who cannot physically be present for the proceeding.
  • Legal Transcription Services: We offer fast, reliable transcription services for environmental law cases, transcribing audio from recorded phone calls, interviews, hearings, conferences, depositions, interrogations, arbitrations, trials and more.

Entrust Litigation Services for Environmental Law Litigation Matters

When you are faced with a public interest environmental litigation case, the success of your case could hinge on the details. Our talented legal support professionals understand the nuances that come with environmental law cases. We are prepared to tackle the details — from the mundane to the highly technical — so you can focus on creating and presenting winning case strategies.

With detailed knowledge, decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services, we offer the guidance you need for your environmental law cases. To learn more, contact us today.