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Construction Defect Litigation

Attorneys handling construction litigation know how important it is to build solid, organized legal cases for their clients. Multiparty litigation is common in construction defect claims, which adds a layer of complexity to representing clients. You need resources to help you effectively manage what can be a voluminous discovery process, multiple depositions, and case filings and notes.

Litigation Services understands building contract disputes and related litigation claims and has experience providing a full range of construction litigation support designed to help construction defect litigators and their teams handle these complex cases with ease.

Services We Offer for Construction Defect Cases

Whether you are looking for a video deposition service or need assistance organizing your construction defect litigation or construction arbitration case materials, Litigation Services can help.

Our services include the following:

  • Forensic Services: Forensic services include cost-effective electronic discovery, including both raw data and analysis of it. We also have a network of expert witnesses who can help strengthen your case. In construction defect litigation, cases may turn on the testimony of construction experts such as forensic engineers or insurance professionals. Whatever type of expert you need, we can help connect you.
  • Legal Document Services: We provide a variety of legal document services for construction litigation attorneys — including a cloud-based electronic document management system that features a centralized document repository to help you track and manage records obtained through discovery and other case records.
  • Deposition and Trial Service: Whether your construction case is multiparty litigation or a more traditional claim, we provide an array of legal deposition services designed to help you. We offer local court reporting specialists, interpretation and translation services, live web streaming of depositions, well-equipped deposition suites in cities across the country, and more. If a construction contract requires arbitration or mediation, we also provide multiparty arbitration/mediation rooms.
  • Complex Case Management: Construction defect litigation claims can be extremely complicated. Litigation Services provides case management tools designed to help simplify the process. Our case management system can help you keep track of important calendar dates, client intake information, communications with clients and other parties, relevant statutes, and case expenses. You can also create automated workflows designed to ensure construction claims management case preparation tasks are addressed as intended.

Get the Edge You Need With Construction Defect Litigation

If your firm provides construction defect consulting or litigation services, you need reliable, experienced support behind you so you can focus on the details of your client’s case — not the busywork that comes with it.

At Litigation Services, we have been helping construction defect attorneys with forensic services, deposition and trial services, and case management since 1999. We are committed to providing exceptional value and cost efficiencies for our clients.

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