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Class Action Litigation

Whether your firm represents plaintiffs or defendants in class action litigation, your case preparation activities and strategies need to be designed to help your clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

At Litigation Services, we’ll leave the strategy to you, but we can help by providing a variety of forensic, deposition and trial, and expert witness services; and managing the voluminous documents and complexities that class action cases can bring. We have been helping attorneys by providing mass tort support for class action litigation matters for more than two decades — we can help you, too.

Services We Offer for Class Actions

As any class action litigator can attest, there is a lot at stake in class action litigation. Litigation Services helps attorneys and firms with the following legal support:

  • Forensic Services: Our forensic services include reliable legal process outsourcing, help managing and organizing the electronic discovery process in a cost-effective way, and much more.
  • Legal Document Services: Class action litigators need resources to efficiently manage case documents and records. We offer legal document services including our cloud-based electronic document repository, which helps busy legal teams keep case documents secure while making them accessible to those who need to see them, 24/7.
  • Deposition and Trial Services: Our team offers a variety of class action trial support services, including support for depositions — and in the courtroom. We can provide professional, reliable class action court reporterslive web streaming for depositions, translation and interpretation services, as well as class action transcription We also offer well-equipped deposition suites located across the country, designed to make it easier to depose witnesses and parties for your class action case.
  • Complex Case Management: Class action litigation often involves parties in multiple jurisdictions as well as volumes of information. Keeping all of that information organized during class action administration for security litigations or any other case can be difficult. Litigation Services offers complex case management tools designed to help class action litigators organize case communications, client intake information, relevant statutes, calendars, discovery documents, expenses and more. Our case management services also include a point of contact at Litigation Services, an experienced professional to support you and help you get the most out of our services.
  • Expert Witness Services: No matter the underlying subject area for your class action litigation, you may need assistance locating competent, credentialed professionals who can provide expert witness testimony to bolster your case. Litigation Services has a network of pre-screened expert witnesses in a variety of disciplines. Our certified examiners and subject matter experts are ready to provide the expertise you need.

Why Turn to Us for Class Action Litigation Support?

Our legal support professionals pride themselves on providing exceptional service and value, using the latest technologies and methodologies. Whether you need to locate an expert witness for mass tort litigation, simply require a location to conduct depositions, or want more substantive assistance with class action research and litigation support services, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.