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Asbestos And Toxic Tort Litigation

Handling asbestos litigation and other toxic tort litigation successfully involves building evidence-based cases. At Litigation Services, we understand the types of litigation support and services that firms need to effectively represent clients in toxic tort law matters.

Whether your asbestos litigation group needs a way to manage the electronic discovery process; requires help locating an expert witness who can testify about the medical aspects of your client’s case; wants reliable, high-tech deposition services; or simply needs help keeping volumes of case information organized, Litigation Services provides the support for which you’re looking.

Services We Offer for Asbestos and Toxic Tort Cases

We provide a full range of services to help support asbestos and toxic tort litigation, including:

  • Forensic Services: Asbestos litigation and toxic tort cases generally rely heavily on science and evidence. Litigation Services provides a network of pre-screened and certified professionals who can testify in your asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit. Whether you need an asbestos expert witness or are looking for a professional with a background in other toxic torts, we can help. We also offer other forensic services for legal matters — including electronic discovery tools, an Internet document repository and more.
  • Legal Document Services: When you are working on a toxic tort case or asbestos litigation matter, you need to be able to access your case files from anywhere and share them with others on your team. However, you also must ensure you are maintaining records confidentially and protecting your clients’ privacy. Using our document management solutions, you’ll have a centralized online document repository that can help you keep track of all the moving pieces for your mesothelioma litigation cases 24/7.
  • Deposition and Trial Services: Toxic tort and asbestos litigation groups know that handling multiple depositions can be a challenge. Our deposition services include accurate and efficient court reportinginterpretation and translation services, transcription, and more. We also offer fully equipped deposition suites in locations across the country, making it easier for you to conduct depositions anywhere. If you want to involve others on your team in the process, you can use our live web streaming services for depositions.
  • Complex Case Management: Asbestos and other toxic tort matters can be complex, often involving multiple experts and witnesses who need to be deposed, reams of information gleaned during the discovery process, interdependent tasks and more. Litigation Services provides complex case management support designed to help your firm manage calendars, contact information, communications, tasks, reporting and other elements of asbestos and toxic tort litigation.

Why Turn to Us for Asbestos Litigation and Toxic Tort Litigation?

When attorneys have the behind-the-scenes support they need to effectively prepare asbestos and other toxic tort law cases, they can focus their attention on case strategy.

Asbestos litigation and toxic tort litigation are complex. Litigation Services can help. To learn more, contact us today.