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At Litigation Services, we understand that law firms and attorneys practicing different types of litigation law have varying needs. Regardless of what areas of litigation your company or firm handles, Litigation Services can probably help. We have decades of experience supporting a variety of litigation practice areas — including everything from common negligence lawsuits to complex class action matters.

Here is a comprehensive overview of our areas of law and services:

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation usually involves contractual issues between business entities. When you’re litigating a complex business dispute, you may need a way to handle voluminous amounts of data and documents. Litigation Services can help you and your team manage the electronic discovery process and handle and organize your case documents. We also help by facilitating the deposition and court reporting processes.

Finally, we provide actionable business intelligence tools designed to give you the commercial legal support you need.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims depend on a showing of evidence that a medical professional owed a duty to a patient, breached that duty and that the patient suffered harm as a result.
Attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in medical malpractice cases turn to Litigation Services for support with securing expert testimony from credible and credentialed medical professionals, help managing the deposition process, support with interpretation and translation services, and more.

Asbestos and Toxic Tort Law

Exposure to asbestos and other chemicals can leave victims with severe, life-threatening health problems.

If you’re litigating an asbestos claim or another toxic tort matter, Litigation Services can help with complex case management, expert witness services and electronic discovery. We also make it easy to take depositions and for others to participate in the process through live web streaming and video deposition.

Construction Defect Law

Construction defect cases can result in significant damages and loss of life. However, without an organized way to manage case documents and records, it’s difficult to assemble and present a case that gives your clients a chance at achieving the best possible outcome.

Litigation Services provides a variety of tools to help attorneys who handle construction defect cases — including our online document repository, transcription services, and other legal forensic services and deposition services.

Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits involve multiple parties and attorneys, often located in different geographic areas.

To make the deposition process simpler, Litigation Services provides well-equipped deposition suites across the country. In addition, we have video depositions, live streaming, and an Internet document repository designed to make it easier to collaborate and manage class action litigation.

Intellectual Property/Patent Law

Intellectual property law, and specifically patent law, comes with distinct terminology and complexities.

When choosing Litigation Services, you can be confident that our skilled court reporting professionals and case management teams understand IP law. Patent law and other IP cases also often involve documents and materials in other languages. We provide a full range of legal interpretation and translation services.

Product Liability

If you’re litigating a product liability matter, how you manage your case’s documents and depositions is crucial. Litigation Services provides support for legal document services, case management, eDiscovery, the deposition process and much more.

Whether you turn to Litigation Services for help finding an expert product liability witness, legal process outsourcing, or simply want to use our deposition suites in convenient locations across the country, you’ll find the support you and your litigation team


Litigation Services understands the challenges of proving negligence claims. We make the entire process simpler, from managing documents to taking depositions. We can also help secure expert witnesses to better prove your client’s case.

Use Litigation Services’ online document repository and case management system to simplify your negligence case and trial preparation efforts.

Environmental Law

Attorneys handling environmental lawsuits, as well as lawsuits whose outcomes could impact the environment, often need help handling depositions, discovery, organizing and managing case documents and records, and more.

Litigation Services has the solutions you need — including video and live-streamed depositions, deposition summaries, transcription services, and more.

Arbitrations and Mediations

Litigation Services’ solutions go beyond just preparing cases for the courtroom. We also offer a variety of tools designed to aid in alternative dispute resolution forums, including arbitrations and mediations. We know comfort and access to technology matter, so we’ve done our best to provide solutions designed to help facilitate positive alternative dispute resolution experiences.

Our deposition suites are full-service facilities that can be configured to meet your needs for your arbitration or mediation case.

The Legal Support You Need

At Litigation Services, we provide a full range of legal process outsourcing, forensic services and legal deposition services to busy law firms, attorneys and corporate legal departments across the country.

Our goal is to provide you with the services you need for a variety of litigation areas of law, so you can focus on the details and strategy for your client’s case. We are committed to providing exceptional value while leveraging integrated technologies, and we’re passionate about service.

To discover for yourself how Litigation Services can help with your current and future needs, contact us today.